You don’t need to wash denim and jeans all the time. A few times per season should be more than enough. This makes denim last longer and helps the environment.
    Inbetween washes, you can spot clean surface dirt with a damp cloth.
      To wash denim, a gentle machine wash at 30°C or lower is ideal. There are also specialist detergents available.
        Wash denim inside out to stop the color fading.
          Hang out to dry, as heat from a tumble dryer could cause shrinkage. The weight of the denim will help to pull out any creases. Avoid using iron as heat can weaken the fibers.
            Instead of washing your jeans after every wear, try airing them for a few hours.
              Use gentle yet efficient Fabric Spray to ensure a crisp scent between washes.

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                March 22, 2022