Born in 2004, MO&Co. is one of the leading and most popular modern fashion female clothing brands among the young in China. MO&Co. is equipped with a team of Chinese talented designers with international perspectives and an excellent supply chain and has established a longer-term partnership with global authority organizations and top-notch material suppliers, which enables us to be shine at producing and offering premium and worthwhile fashion products.


Boy-gal Style, Cool And Fun

We value youth culture and embrace an avant-garde notion of modern art and styles. Binding our brand DNA, Cool, Fun, and Boy-gal styles with current fashion trends, we shape a fashionable cool-girl style and bring fun and multiple attitudes and styles for new generation youth. At the same time, we build up a MO Girl Gang community culture centered on music and street subculture, keeping us ahead in the domestic market and also enabling us earn great popularity in the youth circle.

Mo Art Program

To help develop art education for children in impoverished areas, we set up a MO Art Program. From volunteer education to summer camps, we take pains to pull the strengths of all quarters to support children's aesthetics enlightened education. Charity themed collections are also launched in MO&Co. and little MO&Co..


One Earth, One Future

As sustainable development becomes a global consensus, we keep working with the Woolmark Company and World Wildlife Fund (WWF), select eco-friendly materials and production methods, advocate sustainable lifestyle and promote the reformation of consumer attitudes.

Our stores

To date, we are privileged to connect with our customers every day with exceptional brand products and over 1400 stores.