We believe long-lasting fashion is key to reducing environmental impact. That’s why we create our collections with carefully considered high-quality materials – to make them last beyond the season. Whether a cashmere cardigan or daily denim, with a little bit of love and care, you can extend the lifespan of your favorite garments. Here we share tips on how to keep your product looking great by following these care instructions 



Silk shouldn’t be washed after every wear. Instead, hang silk garments to ventilate, away from direct sunlight which can damage the colour.

    Silk is best hand-washed with a specialist detergent in lukewarm water, without soaking as this can release some dye. Rinse the silk garment without wringing. 

      To machine wash silk, wash at 30°C or lower, on a low spin using a small amount of detergent. A mesh bag can help protect silk garments from snagging or twisting too much in the washer.

        To dry, lay the silk garment on a towel and roll up the towel to absorb excess moisture. Then lay flat on a drying rack or hang to air dry.

          MAINTAIN & STORE
          Store your silk itemson a hanger in a dark place to protect the colors. If you pack them away for a longer period, fold the garment.
            To iron silk, use the lowest temperature on an iron, or for an energy-efficient method, simply hang in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. The steam will reduce creases.


              Fine delicate, fluid elegant, light-catching



              WASH & DRY
              Cotton can be machine or hand-washed. To prevent garments from shrinking and to keep them looking their best, wash at 30°.
                Place delicate items in a mesh bag to help prevent snagging or twisting during machine cycles.
                  Pre-treat stains before washing by dabbing a small amount of stain remover on the area. For darker pieces, patch test on an inside seam to check the colour won’t be affected.
                    Hang cotton out to dry, as heat from tumble dryers can cause it to shrink. This also saves energy.
                      Always wash with similar colours.
                      MAINTAIN & STORE
                      To lower the environmental impact of your cotton garments and enjoy them for longer, rotate your selection of clothes, a bit of rest is good for the fabric.
                        Use vinegar against odors or lemon acid against yellow stains on your collar or armpit.

                        Breathable crisp, soft everyday, comfortable


                        HOW TO WASH & CARE FOR DENIM

                        WASH & DRY
                        You don’t need to wash denim and jeans all the time. A few times per season should be more than enough. This makes denim last longer and helps the environment.
                          Inbetween washes, you can spot clean surface dirt with a damp cloth.
                            To wash denim, a gentle machine wash at 30°C or lower is ideal. There are also specialist detergents available.
                              Wash denim inside out to stop the color fading.
                                Hang out to dry, as heat from a tumble dryer could cause shrinkage. The weight of the denim will help to pull out any creases. Avoid using iron as heat can weaken the fibers.


                                  Instead of washing your jeans after every wear, try airing them for a few hours.

                                    Use gentle yet efficient Fabric Spray to ensure a crisp scent between washes.


                                      Classic casual, hardwearing, versatile every day


                                      HOW TO WASH & CARE FOR LEATHER

                                      WASH & DRY
                                      Leather can be spot cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.
                                        Keep leather supple and conditioned with a specialist leather balm. Apply a small amount with a cloth and buff gently.
                                          MAINTAIN & STORE
                                          Clean away dirt and dust regularly with a damp cloth.
                                            Hang leather garments to ventilate between wears, avoiding direct sunlight.
                                              Wooden shoe trees help keep the shape and slow down the creasing that happens with wear.
                                                When traveling and storing, roll leather garments to avoid fold creases.
                                                  Softer leathers can scratch! Be careful with sharp items like keys.
                                                    Smooth soft, supple flexible durable


                                                    HOW TO WASH & CARE FOR WOOL

                                                    WASH & DRY
                                                    Wool doesn’t need washing every time you wear it. Its fibres have a natural protective coating, making it resistant to dirt and dust. Hang to ventilate instead.
                                                      To wash wool, use a specialist wool detergent at 30°C with a low spin setting. Squeeze out any excess water for heavier garments, without wringing.
                                                        Dry woollens flat on a rack, placing a towel underneath to absorb any drips. Hanging wool up to dry will stretch pieces out of shape.
                                                          STORE & MAINTAIN
                                                          Fold wool piecesand store in drawers with mothballs. The weight of the wool will pull the piece out of shape if it’s hung up.
                                                            Pilling occurs naturally with friction and can be easily removed with a pilling comb or a fabric shaver. The good news: over time, pilling will decrease.
                                                              Always fold your clothesand store lying flat as it might lose its shape when stored on a hanger.
                                                                Make sure to clean your woollen garments before packing them away for a longer time and add some cedar balls or dried lavender sachets to keep moths away.

                                                                  Warm insulating, thermoregulating, soft breathable



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